Roof-domes,  pavement lights, smoke and heat extraction systems, entry-way cantilever roof, thermoplastic moulded and reinforced roofing.


Within this section you will find all our products, categorized according to market technology classes. Roof-Domes, pavement lights, basements, pyramids, smoke and heat extraction systems.



ICMP is a firm specialised in the manufacture of  domes, pavement lights, smoke and heat extraction system “SmokeExpel”, (built in compliance with the EN12011-2 law), entryway penthouses “Welcome”, moulded thermoplastic and reinforced roofing, made of Polymethylmethacrylate “Plexiglas®” and of compact polycarbonate.


Monolithic roof-domes
Continuous module Roof- domes
Continuous module pavement lights
Reinforced roof-domes
Structured pyramids
Special roofing
Smoke and heat extraction systems

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