Roof-domes,  pavement lights, smoke and heat extraction systems, entryway cantilever roof, thermoplastic moulded and reinforced roofing


ICMP is a firm specialised in the manufacture of roof-dome pavement lights, smoke and heat extraction systems (“smokExpel”) built in compliance with the EN12011-2 law, entry-way penthouses “welcome”, thermoplastic moulded and reinforced roofing, made of  Polymethylmethacrylate “Plexiglas” and compact polycarbonate.

Thanks to on-going research, improvements, and to a skilled technical staff, ICMP has managed in 30 years to achieve a high level of know-how, fostering great esteem and trust in its customers.

In addition to its standard production, the ICMP Technical Office designs and implements customized solutions that fit any sort of request and the installation is always entrusted to its professionally trained and skilled workers. Moreover, every manufactured item is carefully tested.

ICMP is the answer to any zenith lightening need both in the industrial and residential building trade.


Monolithic roof-domes
Continuous module Roof- domes
Continuous module pavement lights
Reinforced roof-domes
Structured pyramids
Special roofing
Smoke and heat extraction systems

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