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Fitted Continuous module pavement lights (CC series)
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The fitted series allows the creation of large-sized roofing, through a rapid and easy system and, at the same time, the preservation of a global sense of lightness and a high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Having  been conceived to be embedded in pre-built structures, the CC series of pavement lights are completely self-bearing and their single modules are also perfectly overlapping, without the help of metallic structures and they can be installed with similar ease.

The fitted continuous module pavement light is made up of several intermediate modules, plus two final terminal head modules (T.F. and T. M).

Modules have standard size (starting from 400 mm and going up to 2000 mm), while it is possible to reach any length  thanks to the possibility to realise tailored terminal modules.

CC pavement lights can be equipped with a manual opening device or electric  or   heat and smoke extraction system “SmokExpel”, the latter being connected to an anti fire system.

In order to assure a correct assembly of the roof-domes and their correct functioning, it is necessary to have:


  • the kerbstone of the light room in a perfectly flat position,
  • The hole and the kerbstone dimensions complying with those recommended by us,
  • The kerbstone free from walls or from other obstacles all along its perimeter,
  • A  waterproofed kerbstone.
ICMP guarantees that its materials are professionally manufactured, and that its material and production line are flawless. At the same time it is exempted  from any responsibility  in the event of any bad functioning of the product, to be attributed to an incorrect assembly or to an installation  carried out with negligence, or to an improper use


| Some creations | Specifications | Technical information |