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Reinforced roof-domes (CU series)
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ICMP realises  fitted reinforced roof domes for roofing wide circular rooms in full respect of functionality reliability and quality, paying attention to aesthetic


The big-roof domes realised according to standard production, cover areas starting from 7,70 sq.m up to 50,24 sq.m (it is possible to take other possibilities into consideration on request).

The big roof domes, which are completely self bearing, are realised with sections obtained through thermoplastic moulding of a flat plane of polymethylmethachrilate (PMMA) or of  compact polycarbonate, sail shaped and with galvanized and varnished steel sides.

n order to assure a correct assembly of the roof-domes and then the good functioning of them, it is required to have:

  • the kerbstone of the light room in a perfectly flat position,
  • The hole and the kerbstone dimensions complying with those recommended by us,
  • The kerbstone free from walls or from other obstacles all along its perimeter,
  • A  waterproofed kerbstone.


ICMP guarantees that its materials are professionally manufactured, and that they are flawless in their material and production line content. At the same time it is exempted  from any responsibility  in the event of any bad functioning of the product, to be attributed to an incorrect assembly or to an installation  carried out with negligence, or to an improper use


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