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continuous module  roof-domes
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They can be applied in all those realisations where there are not intermediate holders, and they allow  wide surfaces to be covered thanks to the use of  bearing metallic structures, on which we can rain pipes that manage the drainage of stormy rainwater.

The bearing structures and the corresponding rain pipes, on which the pavement lights are installed,  can be completely designed and realised by ICMP (on request) in different material and model.

Continuous module roofing is made up of roof- domes with square or rectangular bases, single wall or double wall, plus a series of rain pipes made of galvanized sheet  steel 20/10 that are realised in a single wall or double wall model too


ICMP guarantees that its materials are professionally manufactured, and that its material and production line are flawless. At the same time it is exempted  from any responsibility  in the event of any bad functioning of the product, to be attributed to an incorrect assembly or to an installation  carried out with negligence, or to an improper use.


| Some creations | Specifications | Technical information |