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Special roofing
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Even though the choice range of ICMP standard products is huge, it may also occur that a “special creation” needs to be designed.
ICMP provides for the complete study and execution of roofing made to measure, analysing all the customer’s  particular  requests and suggesting personalized solutions in collaboration with designers and architects.



Like all other creations also “the special ones” (tunnels, connection platforms between factories wings, non-rectilinear pathways, arcades or roofing of various shapes and dimensions) are entirely carried out at ICMP, from the load bearing structure to the thermoplastic moulding or bending cold of the flat planes of PMMA and/of compact polycarbonate, giving a great freedom to the architectonic designing.


The assembling  of the structure and the definitive laying complete the keys in hands and perfectly executed supply of the manufactured products




| Some creations |